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Vandergrift Residence
305 Linden Street

—for the Raymond family—


305 Linden Street
  • Antonio Raimondo lived at this residence until his death in 1959.
  • After Antonio died, his son Francis Sr. (and wife Eleanor Welsh) continued to reside at this address.
  • Francis Sr. and wife Eleanor lived at this address from 1932 until sometime in the 1980s.
  • The property was purchased by Jeannette Raymond on June 4, 1919 for $2,350.00.
  • The sellers were L.H. Whitacre and Zeila A. Whitacre, who purchased the property in 1909.
  • Described as "Lot No. Six (6) in Block No. 8 Vandergrift 'Park Plan' (formerly Allegheny Township)."

    Note: Though the property was bought in 1919, Antonio might have left Norristown around 1914-15—perhaps going in advance of the rest of the family.

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